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Adventure park of Signal de Bougy

Crossing a forest without touching the ground: this is the challenge proposed by an adventure park. The Signal de Bougy adventure park, the biggest of Switzerland, offers 10 itineraries of varying levels of difficulty and 5 itineraries for kids.

© Parc aventure du Signal de Bougy
Parc aventure du Signal de Bougy

The Signal de Bougy forest grounds cover 25,000 square meters. The Adventure Park offers 15 different courses, 5 of which are for children from 4 years up. 

On these itineraries of increasing difficulty several meters above ground, visitors pass from tree to tree or walk on swaying footbridges or walk on a taut rope to end up on a rope bridge. Guaranteed to boost adrenalin levels! 

Practicing this spectacular leisure activity is safe. Adventurers are equipped with a harness and receive adequate training and useful advice before considering themselves as squirrels. 

This Adventure Park is a leisure concept in the Signal de Bougy forest for children and confirmed adventurers.


Open from Easter to end of October.

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Parc Aventure
Signal de Bougy
1172 Bougy-Villars
Phone +41 (0)21 808 08 08


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