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Local manufacturers and artisans

Morges Région Tourisme offers to its hosts the opportunity to discover artisans of the region of Morges. This little booklet lists adresses representative of the local professions : cheese shop, chocolate factory, mill, fishing ground, forge, farm.

In these little traditionnal entreprises, it is still possible to see the manufacturing process and / or to get some explanation on the profession. Here, no window or gates but a privileged contact with the artisan.

All the visits are on appointement and mainly with small groups. Please contact the artisans (during the opening time) before visiting.

© Claude Merkli

Echandens Glass blower, Claude Merkli

Situated in the middle of the village of Echandens, between Morges and Lausanne in the Region of Lake of Geneva, the workshop of the glass blower Claude Merkli was created in 1988. With a lot of passion and creativity, many various pieces of work have been created for many people in the entire world....

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Echichens Domaine Jobin

Le Domaine de la famille Jobin, situé en bordure du village d’Echichens, vous propose des produits à base de pommes, tels que de l'huile de colza, du  jus de pomme, du cidre, du vinaigre de pomme et des eaux de vie. Le Domaine compte une surface agricole de 42.5 hectares et se répartit entre des vergers, des champs de céréales et de la betterave à sucre....

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Montricher La Fromagerie Gourmande

La Fromagerie Gourmande réunit plus de 20 producteurs de lait. Vous pouvez y observer la fabrication du Gruyère AOP grâce à une galerie de démonstration, ainsi qu'un robot bichonnant les fromages dans une énorme cave. Les enfants peuvent jouer dans un espace qui leur est réservé.

Chaque dernier dimanche du mois, dégustez un délicieux Brunch Gourmand de 9h à 11h!...

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Morges Cheese dairy Jacques-Alain Dufaux

Jacques-Alain Dufaux, a passionate cheese monger, loves to share his new discoveries with his customers....

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Sévery Sévery Mill, Oil mill owned by Bovey and son

The traditional oil mill at Sévery makes walnut oil and 11 other oils, as well as a range of terroir products. This enterprise, owned by the Bovey family in the 6th generation, also organises the Walnut Festival....

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Vullierens Brewery of La Côte

Established since 2007 in the former dairy of the village of Vullierens, the Brewery of La Côte is the place where the hand-crafted beers of Patrick Doria are produced. Rare brewer of the Lake Geneva Region living on his craft, Patrick Doria produces around 30,000 liters of beer every year....

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