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Romand Gliding Centre

Come and float: Make an initiation flight and continue until you are a pilot!

The Romand Gliding Centre is optimally situated at the Jura foot with its ascending air currents. There are two clubs sharing the airfield: The Vaud and Geneva Gliding Clubs. 

Once in the air you will have the impression of sitting on a big bird of prey, surfing through the wind. Having no motor, the pilot cannot always count on his skills and his sense of observation. 

Starting at Montricher you can go for wonderful flights over the Jura. Well-proven pilots cross the Vaud plateau and glide in direction of the foothills of the alps and some even dare a detour to the stunning scenery of the Valais.

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Groupe Vaudois de Vol à Voile de Montricher
1147 Montricher
Phone +41 (0)21 785 02 20
Mob. +41 (0)21 864 56 87
Groupe Genevois de Vol à Voile de Montricher
1147 Montricher
Phone +41 (0)79 676 39 00
Mob. +41 (0)21 864 56 94


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