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Balade oenotouristique Morges Région

*** 1st in Switzerland *** Discover the vineyards of Morges region through a smartphone app! This fun ride takes you to the discovery of artisans and winemakers by following a trail lined with quiz questions and fascinating anecdotes.

1st step:

Download Vaud Guide Application Vaud:Guide.
- Select the "wine tourism Walk of Morges Region"

Step 2:

Get an overview of our 2 routes to choose

No. 1: The walk in the vineyard
- 4.8 km in the vineyards of Morges
- Approximately 3 hours of walking

No. 2: The walk in the city of Morges
- 1.5 km in the town of Morges
- Around 1h30 walk

Routes can be realized separately or in a loop, for example by starting with # 1 and achieving the 2 following.

Map of the stroll:  Carte balade oenotouristique (318 KB)

Step 3 :

Let’s play !
The course is marked out of three differents possibilities:

- Multiple choice questions
- Radar Tests with research and finding a specific location
- Reminders of the views that are worth to be immortalized by a photo

- Although sure to read the "Text end" after receiving the right answer because it is full of information and interesting details that justify the right answer!

Geographic situation

Zoom map


Morges Région Tourisme
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1110 Morges 1
Phone +41 (0)21 801 32 33
Fax +41 (0)21 801 31 30

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