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Our beautiful countryside offers a lot of regional products, historical monuments and picturesque little villages. There are markets on a farm and one can visit rivers, springs, ponds, mills, churches and much more.

© Gil Vermot photographies
© commune de Cossonay
© Sacha Fehlmann

In the villages between Morges and the foot of the Jura there are oodles of historical monuments as the “Canal d’Entreroches”, and important buildings like the Protestant church of Cossonay or the castle of Vuillerens. But there is also a lot to see for the nature lovers, for example the spring of the Venoge river or the pond of Sépey.

Regional products as bread, meat, cheese, fruit or delicious vegetables inspire the best cooks and give reason to annual festivities. 

It is possible to discover the countryside using amazing means of transport as for example the train Bière-Apples-Morges (BAM) or the funicular of Cossonay. 

The countryside invites its guests to excursions on foot or by bicycle, there are many marked routes that make it easy for the visitors to find the places of interest.

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