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The village of Saint-Livres is named after Saint-Libère, Pope from 352 to 366, to whom the first church was dedicated. Delimited by two rivers, l’Aubonne at the West and the Boiron at the East. Saint-Livres shares its boundaries with the villages of Aubonne, Montherod, Bière, Yens and Lavigny.

The territory of the municipality extends over 790 ha, staged between 450 and 715 m height, with the village in the middle. In the bottom, we find a hillside of vineyards, cultivated by numerous owners. The harvest is mainly forwarded to the cellars of Aubonne and Morges. Some wine growers offer bottles dressed in labels of Saint-Livres. The municipality's vineyards allow to establish a municipal reserve.

In the central part, twelve farmers which cultivate cereal, sugar beets and lanyards, colza, corn, sunflower and meadows.

The forests, put the village shielded from the rough climate of Jura. The municipality possesses, on the Juraterritory of the Municipality of Bière, a mountain called Pré-de-St-Livres.

The population, for a long time stable, saw a consequent increase these last years taking place from 450 inhabitants to 700 inhabitants.

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Administration communale
Grand'Rue 20
1176 St-Livres
Phone +41 (0)21 808 72 49
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