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Following the water

Different strolls along the water : Canal d'Entreroches, Tine de Conflens, Sources de la Venoge, Sentier de la Truite

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Cossonay Etang du Sépey

This pond is part of the nature reserve of Sépey in Cossonay, switzerland. The nature reserve is classified as protection area of national importance because of its amphibians. This small paradisiacal place offers the inhabitants the possibility of relaxing, for example after a run along the Vita course right beside....

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Eclépens Canal d'Entreroches

Canal d’Entreroches, a once navigable canal that was meant to link the Mediterranean Sea to the North Sea, was built from 1638 to 1648....

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Ferreyres Tine de Conflens

The confluence of the Veyron and the Venoge river is encircled by a breathtaking scenery....

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L'Isle Sources of the Venoge

The Venoge river, immortalized in 1954 by the famous poet Jean Villars-Gilles, has its source up in the village of L’Isle....

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Morges - Vufflens-le-Château Footpath along the river la Morges

Two footsteps away from the city-centre of Morges, the footpath along the river la Morges, leads the walker to Vufflens-le-Château or to Monnaz and offering a varied route in the forest, at the feet of the vineyard, along the pastures....

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Palafittes UNESCO

The registration of the pile dwellings in the UNESCO World Heritage Programme constitutes the Lake Geneva Region's second entry after the recognition of Lavaux in 2007....

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Mollens Marsh of Monod

In this beautiful fen of national importance there is almost every kind of wetland phenomenon....

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Morges The River House

The River House situated in the heart of the forest in Tolochenaz is a place which welcomes the public to make him discover, understand and share the beauty, but also the ecosystem’s fragility....

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Morges - St-Prex Trout Trail

What fish populate Swiss lakes? Who were the lake-dwellers? What are the migrating periods for trout? The twelve information boards on the Trout Trail give you all the answers to these questions and many more, along a scenic path following the path of the river from Lake Geneva to the forest....

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Le saviez-vous ?

Sentier de la Truite

Dans le Boiron, rivière entre Saint-Prex et Morges, se trouvent trois espèces principales de poissons : la truite, le chabot et le vairon.

De l'eau bien vaudoise!

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La Venoge!

Cette rivière prend sa source à L'Isle et traverse le district de Morges pour finir son parcours dans le lac Léman.
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The sailing little train

Profitez d'une offre combinée, une sortie en Petit-Train et une croisière sur la Galère....

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Wine Tasting Package

More than 20 wine growers from "Les Vins de Morges" would like to offer you a complete Win...

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A stroll along the vineyards of Morges

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«Fête du raisin»

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