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Route of Senses

The Route of Senses offers an unforgettable train ride and visits of artisans and manufacturers along the railway line Bière-Apples-Morges.

Between Lake Geneva and the mountains there are a lot of artisans and manufacturers that provide an impressive insight into nature, craftwork and regional products. 

From the Bière-Apples-Morges railway stations there are numerous propositions of excursions (on foot or by bike) for individuals, families and groups. 

In the bend of an attractive country lane, in a bucolic atmosphere, the craftsmen of "BAM Route of Senses" will seduce you by proposing greedy stops and bare stopping places which emphasize the heritage of their region.

The Route of senses offers to its visitors an unforgettable train ride. Profiting from the offer BAM Saveur you have the possibility to discover regional delicacies while crossing a unique landscape.


We invite you to spend a moment of relaxation and pleasure by proposing you an exit BAM Saveur.

Come to discover the local manufacturers and artisans.

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Transport de la région Morges-Bière-Cossonay
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1110 Morges
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Become the owner of a vine in the Morges region!

© Vins de Morges
For 200.- CHF you can become the owner of a vine! Your wine, that is cultivated by a winegrower, carries a tag with your name on it. Additionally you will receive a deed of ownership – and during 10 years you will get a bottle of white wine with your name on the label each year.

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