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The lovely medieval town of Saint-Prex, built on a triangular peninsula, is recognizable by its famous clock tower. Beaches, trails and boats of the Lake Geneva Navigation Company provide relaxation and nature for the visitors.

The medieval town with its Grand-Rue leading to the clock tower is most charming. Especially appreciable are the different fountains of the town as well as their wrought-iron tags. Guides tours are available on request.

The remainders of the city wall and the clock tower adorn proudly the entrance of the town which was built in 1234 under the patronage of the bishop of Lausanne. The town was built on the triangular peninsula in order to protect the continuously attacked population and to have the possibility to communicate with the guard of the cathedral in Lausanne by fire in case of an attack. Walls, drawbridges and trenches were built in these times.

There are several beaches in Saint-Prex, among them the “Bain des Dames” (Ladies’ Bath) and the “Bain des Hommes” (Men’s Bath). In the 19th century the labours went there to have a wash. The reason why two separate bath places were installed was the sense of shame of the people.

The medieval town of Saint-Prex is accessed by the Lake Geneva Navigation Company (CGN).

There are three paths starting at St-Prex: the Trail of the Lake, the Trail of the Trout and the Trail of the Patrimony (marked red-white).

Every August, the Saint-Prex Festival takes place. During this Festival, the town buzzes with the presence of the dancers and the classical musicians. 

The medieval atmosphere of the old town of Saint-Prex, its streets and its Romanic church glamorise the town and give it a very special atmosphere. 

It must be pointed out that on the grounds of the commune of Saint-Prex 33 hectares of vineyards produce high-quality vine.

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Commune de Saint-Prex
Chemin de Penguey 1A
1162 St-Prex
Phone +41 (0)21 823 01 01
Fax +41 (0)21 823 01 00


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