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The vineyard of the La Côte region covers a surface of 2019 hectares which corresponds to 52.43% of the Vaud wine-growing region.

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The vineyard of the La Côte region (2019 hectares, 52.43% of the Vaud vineyards) can be discovered by car, on foot or by bike. 

The situation between the ridge of the Jura and Lake Geneva is one of the reasons for the high quality of the La Côte wine. The wine-growing region of the La Côte region consists of different zones: The gritty soil of the lakeside region gives the wine a great fineness, whereas the hard soil of the countryside and Jura foot region effectuates a harder wine. The La Côte wines distinguish themselves by a flowery aroma and a fruity taste. 

There are two controlled wine appallations (AOC) in the Morges district: La Côte and Les Côtes de l’Orbe. La Côte AOC is produced at four places in the Morges district: Aubonne, Fechy, Morges and Perroy-Allaman.

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A convivial moment to share!

A wine tasting

Share a moment with your friends in a cellar of a winegrower in the region.
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Become the owner of a vine in the Morges region!

© Vins de Morges
For 200.- CHF you can become the owner of a vine! Your wine, that is cultivated by a winegrower, carries a tag with your name on it. Additionally you will receive a deed of ownership – and during 10 years you will get a bottle of white wine with your name on the label each year.

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A stroll along the vineyards of Morges

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