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Denens benefits from a fantastic view on Lake Geneva and is surrounded by numerous vineyards. Being the promoter of a big festival and competition of scarecrows, it entitled itself “World’s Capital of Scarecrows”. These weird creatures animate the streets and gardens of the village throughout the year.

Château de Denens

Denens : Capitale mondiale de l'épouvantail

Being one of the oldest villages of the region, Denens benefits from an outstanding view on Lake Geneva and is surrounded by numerous vineyards. 

Having a walk through the village of Denens, visitors have the possibility to meet winemakers in their wine cellars, where they are accomplishing the necessary work for the maturation of the new vintage.

As a result of a big festival and an international competition there are thirty scarecrows surrounding the village and inviting the visitor for an entertaining and colourful walk. This original attraction, meant to be a means for the rediscovery of the scarecrows, awards Denens the name of “World’s Capital of Scarecrows”. 

The graceful covey of a white stork is not a rare sight in the sky above the village of Denens: The Acclimatisation Centre of Denens takes part in a programme that reintroduces the storks in our region.


Scarecrows' Festival (Denens) : 2015
(email Scarecrows'Festival Denens)

Come and discover the winery of the Castle and of Brantard.

Cave du Château
Salle Polyvalente

Geographic situation

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Commune de Denens
Rue de la Cité 9
1135 Denens
Phone +41 (0)21 801 79 27
Fax +41 (0)21 801 27 76


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