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The village of Montherod is welcoming approximately 500 inhabitants. It is situated between la Côte and the Jura and is on the axis of Allaman-Gimel, in the direction of the Marchairuz. If it enjoys the climate of the Lemanic arc, its tranquillity is close to the one of a village of the countryside.

A story tells that in 1794 there was in this village an illegal workshop which was making, to the detriment of France, fake bank notes at the instigation of the Ambassador of England in Bern. Nevertheless, it is a middle-class person of Montherod that in 1973 became the Minister of Finance of the Confederacy. It was Mister Georges-André Chevallaz.


Come and discover the Arboretum.

Geographic situation

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Administration communale
Route de Gimel 3
1174 Montherod
Phone +41 (0)21 808 63 76


A convivial moment to share!

A wine tasting

Share a moment with your friends in a cellar of a winegrower in the region.
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Become the owner of a vine in the Morges region!

© Vins de Morges
For 200.- CHF you can become the owner of a vine! Your wine, that is cultivated by a winegrower, carries a tag with your name on it. Additionally you will receive a deed of ownership – and during 10 years you will get a bottle of white wine with your name on the label each year.

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