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In former times the village of Yens was part of the baronage of Aubonne. During the Middle Ages a family of knights, bearing the name of the place, lived there. Yens can be discovered on a stroll through its forests full of different varieties of trees and mushrooms,  by following the “Fumas” Trail and by going through the vinyard.

Yens et ses vignobles

In Yens there is a trail named after its inhabitants “The Fumas”. They are surnamed “Fumas” because of the thick smoke (fumée in French) coming out of their chimneys when they roasted acorns in 1628, the year when practically the whole harvest was destroyed. This was the way their name “fumas” developed. 

This stroll, the Trail of the Fumas, is situated entirely in the forest. The walkers follow woodways and paths. 10 didactic instruction plates provide information about trees that are remarkable because of their size or shape. These instruction plates also inform about the maintenance of the forest. You can reach the Fumas Trail by following the road Yens-Ballens, or by the BAM train from the station of Yens or Froideville.


Come and discover the market of the farm of Yens and the courses of Horse riding in the Stable of Paloma.

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Commune de Yens
Chemin de la Poste 2
1169 Yens
Phone +41 (0)21 800 40 76


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