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© Morges Castle

Castle of Morges

The Castle of Morges was built by Louis de Savoie in order to put up resistance against the diocese of Lausanne. It served as a fortress and as domicile for the counts and dukes of Savoy, later for the Bernese bailiffs. Nowadays the Castle of Morges accommodates four museums: The Vaud Military Museum, the Swiss Museum of Historical Tin Figures, the Artillery Museum and the Museum of the Vaud Gendarmerie....

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© Château de La Sarraz

The Castle of La Sarraz

The Castle of La Sarraz, that has been a manorial residence for several centuries, has kept its homely and familial atmosphere. In 1982, a horse museum was created in the castle. The Horse Museum is open to the public....

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Castle of Vufflens (private)

In the Morges region practically every village has its own castle, yet sometimes the castle is a quite normal house. Most of these castles are private and not open to the public.

The most popular of the private castles is the one at Vufflens. It makes part of a little group of Vaud castles that were made of bricks at the end of the Middle Ages....

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© Château d'Eclépens - de Coulon François

Eclépens Château d'Eclépens

The Château d’Eclépens is a historic house. Leaned against the hill of Mormont, the Château d’Eclépens makes one of the oldest red wine in the Canton Vaud. It also makes younger red wines as Gamaret, Garanoir and Cabernet and white wine as Chasselas, Doral and Pinot gris as well. Weddings and other events can be organized in the garden under a tent....

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L'Isle Château de L'Isle (privé)

Having belonged to Cossonay, in Savoie, in Glérens then in Dortans, seigneury of L'Isle native of Dauphiné, in 1614, then to one of these descendants, Charles de Chandieu. The latter makes brilliant one career in the army of Louis XIV. He is successively appointed sergeant, a brigadier then lieutenant-general. After his marriage with Catherine de Gaudicher, he decides to rebuild the old seigneurial house of L'Isle, situated at the edge of Venoge....

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Balade oenotouristique Morges Région

*** 1st in Switzerland ***

Discover the vineyards of Morges region through a smartphone a...

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The sailing little train

Profitez d'une offre combinée, une sortie en Petit-Train et une croisière sur la Galère....

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A stroll along the vineyards of Morges

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«Fête du raisin»

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