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Municipality of Bière

Bière is located on the South Jura mountain range at about 700 m above sea level. A narrow-gauge railway line connects Bière to the town of Morges. Bière has about 1500 inhabitants, who mainly work in agriculture and in the military zone.

The origin of the word "Bière" is believed to originate from two different roots. First we find "beria" which means plateau. There is also the word "Biber" which can be translated as "to drink". Both roots are now accepted. In 1705, the village was almost completely destroyed by a fire. Only a few documents of the year 1574 could be saved.

In Bière, there are a few restaurants, including two pubs and three pizzerias, which offer local specialities. In the surroundings, there are also other establishments that will excite the taste buds of their clientele.

Bière also has a valuable historical heritage, with its church; part of the current choir dates from the 12th century.