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Tulip Festival


The 2024 Tulip Festival will take place from 29 March to 12 May. This year's theme is "Countries of the World".

The 2024 Tulip Festival will take place from 29 March to 12 May with the theme "Countries of the World".

Every year in spring, the city of Morges dresses up its most beautiful colours for the Tulip Festival, with more than 140,000 flowers and around 300 varieties of tulips. This magnificent festival is organised by the Morges Fleur du Léman association, which also organises the Dahlia Festival  every year, from July to October. Having completed the Dahlia Festival, we are now preparing for the 2024 Tulip Festival.
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Jaques Valotton dit Valott

The Association Morges Fleur du Léman would like to thank its sponsors for their support during the 2023 edition, without which its realisation would not have been possible.
Sponsors FTU 2023

Morges Fleur du Léman


1110 Morges

info@fetedelatulipe.ch+41 (0)21 801 32 33

360° visit of the Tulip Festival

Weekend des Potiers
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All the events and activities planned during the Tulip Festival

The 2024 Tulip Festival will be offering "World Music" and "World Dances" throughout the Festival, with dates to be announced shortly.

Here's the programme of events:
Mon. 01.04.2024 - Digital egg hunt
Wed. 03.04.2024 - Children's theatre: Herbertine Poireau leads the investigation. Presented                                         by Swiss Food Academy from 15H00-17H00
Sat.  06.04.2024  - Potters' Market from 09H00-18H00
Sun. 07.04.2024  - Marché des Potiers from 09H00-18H00
Wed. 10.04.2024 - Children's theatre: Herbertine Poireau leads the investigation. Presented                                         by Swiss Food Academy from 15H-17H00
Sat.  13.04.2024  - Poster signing day with the illustrator Jaques Valloton known as Vallot.
Thu. 25.04.2024  - World Music Day: Slam USA with drummer and explanation of the origins                                        at 17H00
Thu. 09.05.2024  - Tulip market (local produce, flowers, crafts and wellbeing)
Tue. 14.05.2024  -  Bulb sale from 12H00-17H00

For your information, all the events are free. However, you will find a hat to make a donation at your convenience.

Do you want to extend your stay ?

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Parc FTU

Practical information

Access to the Festival

The association encourages you to come by public transport!

Train : 10 min walk from Morges station (1km)
The good plan: by boat from Lausanne, Rolle, Nyon or Geneva
Car: exit Morges-Ouest, follow the signs to "Parc des Sports", car park in the town centre or
car park in the Halles district. Some car parks are free on Sundays.

On foot or by bike: find routes on the Morges:Guide application!


Access to the "Parc de l'Indépendance", the quays and the flower gardens is free of charge, as they are public parks.
Nevertheless, the Tulip Festival is organised by the non-profit association Morges Fleur du Léman. Donations are welcome in the piggy banks provided for this purpose.


Please announce your arrival by email.  


The entire site is accessible to people with reduced mobility. There are 3 accessible toilet blocks on either side of the "Parc de l'Indépendance". Parking spaces are available by the swimming pool and in front of the Tourist Office.
The entire quayside to the Vertou Park is also barrier-free and several restaurants are accessible.  


Allowed, leash required


Every day from 9am to 7pm. 
Swiss and seasonal specialities.

Information point/chalet-boutique

The Morges Fleur du Léman information point/chalet-boutique is open 7 days a week, from 10am to 6pm, during the festival only. You can also buy souvenirs there.

Sale of bulbs

The big bulb sale will take place on Tuesday 14 May 2024 from 12 noon.
  • 100 varieties of bulbs will be on sale throughout the festival on internet. A QR code is displayed on the beds available for sale (in the park and in the city).
  • Big sale of bulbs after the Festival
Tulipes zoom
Martina Eenselme


All the products of the Tulip Festival are on sale :
  • at the House of Tourism in Morges
  • at the chalet-boutique during the Festival
Canal FTU
Yves Burdet

Support the Festival

Morges Fleur du Léman is an association of volunteers that organises the Tulip Festival from the end of March to May and the Dahlia Festival from July to October each year. 
In order to continue to organise these two flower shows, the Association needs your help in various ways.

Member of the association

Thanks to an annual fee of CHF 30.-, become a member of the Association Morges Fleur du Léman (or CHF 50.- per couple). In return, you'll receive 10% off souvenirs during the Tulip Festival and 1 voucher for 4 tubers during the Dahlia Festival. You can register by email.


Support the Tulip Festival by ordering a bouquet using this document. Delivery only in Morges, during the Festival (April - May). You will find the document just here.

Massive sponsoring

You also have the possibility of sponsoring a massive by returning the document, duly completed, from November to the end of February. You can find the document here.


We are still looking for sponsors for our next editions. As a sponsor, the non-profit association Morges Fleur du Léman offers a wide range of services. You can write us an email for more information.


You can also make a donation to the association using the QR-code below or the following details
IBAN: CH13 0076 7000 E509 5749 2, Morges Fleur du Léman, CP 154, 1110 Morges.
Please indicate when making your payment: Donation


The association is always in need of hands for the maintenance of the flower beds on Thursday mornings with the town's gardeners, as well as for the chalet-boutique and the sale of lottery tickets. Please contact us by email if you are interested. Your help is welcome!

In addition to our volunteers, we are looking for associations that could help us sell chains of lottery tickets. CHF 20.00 will be paid for each chain sold. If you are an association and you are interested, please contact us!
Plantation bulbes tulipes

Bulbs planting

Find out how the Tulip Festival bulbs are planted

In January of the previous year of each Tulip Festival, the gardeners of the City of Morges draw up the plans for the beds between January and March, taking into account the flowering period of the varieties present in the same bed, so that it is homogeneous and successful.

Competition for the design of flowerbeds: as part of a 2nd year course, the landscape gardening, horticulture and nursery apprentices of the Morges vocational training centre must each design a tulip bed. From the 100 creations of the apprentices, a jury selects a certain number of beds which will then be planted in the Parc de l'Indépendance. Two beds are also designed and planted by young people from Le Repuis and by employees of the Lavigny garden workshop, two associations for young people in difficulty or with disabilities.

April, during the festival: the City's employees study the beds to see if the compositions and assemblages they have created are a success or not. Each year, around 200 new varieties are chosen to present new flowers to visitors.

September-October of each year: the city gardeners start planting the tulip bulbs. First, they lay out the beds according to the plans. Then they remove the grass, plough the soil and level the beds. The bulbs are first placed with the future stem upwards and then buried to a depth of about three times the size of the bulb. Schools come to help the gardeners during the planting of the bulbs, so that they can learn about this exciting job.
Tulipes jaunes

World Tulip Society

Since July 2019, the Tulip Festival is part of the World Tulip Society

The World Tulip Society is an association whose aim is to bring together all those involved with the tulip in parks and festivals around the world, as well as distributors and artists who have taken the flower as their model.

Every two years, members gather at the World Tulip Summit. This summit is a place to exchange and celebrate the tulip, its history and to create links between the different actors on the theme of the tulip. 

In 2019, the congress took place in The Hague, the Netherlands, from 14 to 16 October. Each participant had the opportunity to give a short presentation of their festival or park to the other delegates.

In order to reward and highlight the actors with a special feature, several awards were given out. Some officials representing different embassies and consulates were present. 

The Morges Tulip Festival received the award "2019 World Tulip Destination Worth Travelling For". While the majority of festivals in the world are larger in size, the Morges Tulip Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the world. This nomination will therefore allow the festival to benefit worldwide.