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Barbet Cossonay - énigmes
Maxime Gervasi

Treasure hunts

Get ready for thrilling adventures with our various treasure hunts in the Morges region!
Explore the area, solve riddles and share unforgettable moments with family, friends or colleagues. 

Do you love games and riddles? Are you looking for adventure and exciting discoveries?
Get ready to dive into the amazing world of treasure hunts in the Morges region!

Whether you are a budding detective, a fearless treasure hunter or a nature lover looking for new experiences, our unique trails promise exciting challenges and hidden treasures to uncover. 

Hit the streets of Morges with the Detective-Trail, search for the mysterious Sifflet d'Or in Bière, or explore nature with Barbet the little Leprechaun. Whichever adventure you choose, each trail promises thrilling puzzles and hidden treasures. Join us for an unforgettable experience in the Morges region!
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Detective - Trail Morges: The Secrets of the town

Explore the nooks and crannies of Morges to discover its hidden secrets.

This original treasure hunt promises a thrilling adventure through the picturesque streets of Morges. A fun and educational experience that will reveal Morges' best-kept secrets.

From age 6, accessible for pushchairs.

Available from July 2024...

The Golden Whistle

In search of the Golden Whistle 

Take the whole family on a quest to find the Golden Whistle from Bière to Morges.

Follow in the footsteps of Rose, Bière's future train station manager, who must find this family heirloom before her first day at work. Your mission: help Rose discover the precious family legacy by exploring the region in a fun way during this rally.

From age 6, accessible with a pushchair.

Available from June 2024...

Barbet - Cossonay
Maxime Gervasi

Barbet in Cossonay

Barbet & the Funi treasure - Cossonay

Adventurers, we need you! Follow the trail of Barbet in Cossonay to discover his treasure.

After the funicular was renovated, a mysterious chest, an old notebook and a backpack full of strange objects were discovered. Barbet, a legendary Leprechaun, is said to have left riddles to be solved in order to find the key to the chest. We need your help to solve the mystery!

From age 10, not accessible in pushchairs.

Maxime Gervasi

Barbet in Aubonne

Barbet & the mystery of the blue diamond - Aubonne

Try to find Barbet's mysterious Blue Diamond in the streets of Aubonne!

Recent excavations at the castle have revealed a treasure chest and an ancient notebook. According to the writings, Barbet stole the largest blue diamond in the world and hid it in Aubonne. Despite our best efforts, the combination of the treasure chest remains a mystery. We need skilled adventurers to solve the challenges left by Barbet and unravel the puzzle!

From age 10, accessible with a pushchair.
Barbet in Aubonne

Barbet in Aubonne