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Tine de Conflens
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Hiking in the Jura foothills

Hikes for all levels and ages. A majestic setting in the heart of the Jura forest and a breathtaking view from the peaks.

Wander off on a lesser known trail or take a guided thematic excursion and you will encounter cheese-makers in the pastures, talented crafts people, passionate nature lovers and woodsmen with a love for trees... In an afternoon, a full day or a 3-day hike, your steps will lead you to the wooded pastures of St-Cergue, to the mysterious valley of Nozon, along the shores of Lake Joux and through the forests of the Jura’s gentle foothills. Discover selected hiking itineraries and thematic trails that are all connected to public transport. It also invites you to discover some extraordinary places as well as gives you suggestions for tasting savoury local products.

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