Château de Morges © SSCM  Julie Masson
Château de Morges © SSCM  Julie Masson
Castle of Nyon Peter Colberg
Museums in Morges Castle ©Morges Région Tourisme
Lausanne Cathedrale and view on the Lake Geneva LT/
4 - Via Jacobi Moudon Région Tourisme

ViaJacobi - 004

The ViaJacobi leads from the Bodensee to Genève as part of the European Jakobsweg (Route of St. James). Lined by churches, monasteries and chapels, it offers a fabulous hiking experience along historic paths through a diverse cultural landscape.

Along the River Broye to Bressonnaz an area with bridges crossing both the Broye and the Carrouge rivers. The trail to Vucherens has open views of the Freiburger Alps and the forested Jorat region.

In Lausanne, the ViaJacobi leads from the Notre Dame Cathedral down the Escaliers du Marché. In Vidy it crosses an idyllic park with Roman ruins and then follows the popular lakeside promenade along Lac Léman to Morges.

Caesar founded Nyon, intellectuals gathered in the salon of Madame de Staël in Coppet and the rich and famous still love Lac Léman. As a pilgrim, you can reflect on all this or simply enjoy the inspiring landscape.

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