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Balade printemps Arboretum ©Arboretum
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Aubonne Valley Arboretum © Pascal Sigg, AAVA

The Arboretum Trails

The majestic Arboretum Park is open all year round and will allow you to discover a rich flora from many parts of the world.

The Arboretum offers several walks with different themes. They are marked by colored trails.

Lake Path (orange): 2.1 km
From the entrance to the park and then around the lake. On this hike, you will access the trails of the Japanese Forest, Bois-Mort, La Vaux, Crépon orchard and Bois-Guyot. The path is adapted to people with reduced mobility, if accompanied. It is also possible to rent an all-terrain wheelchair: contact the Arboretum.

Plan Trail (red): 2.5 km
A journey back in time with the oldest trees in the park such as birches and cedars. You can also discover magnolias, oaks (more than 100 species), ornamental cherries, apple trees, dogwoods, lilacs, firs and spruces.

Sentier du Bois-Mort (beige) : 0.9 km
What is the purpose of dead wood? Along this walk you will learn its usefulness.

Forestry trail, Discovering the Forest (grey) : 9.5 km
Along this route and with the help of a guide on sale at the Arboretum shop, you will be given information on the various aspects of the forest and its maintenance.

Fred the Beaver Rally (brown): 2.8 km
Ideal for children from 8 to 14 years old, this fun trail helps to improve the understanding of the forest in everyday life. A questionnaire and a notebook are on sale at the Arboretum shop.

Japanese Forest Trail (purple): 2 km
A path that gives pride of place to Japanese essences. The walk can be done all year round with flowers blooming from winter on.

La Vaux Trail (blue): 1.5 km
Above the lake, a hillside offers a collection of fake cypresses, lime trees and maples. The flowering of viornes, Judean trees and handkerchief trees in spring and autumn and the change of colours are exceptional settings.

Crépon Orchard (rose): 3 km
This orchard preserves a multitude of traditional varieties of fruit trees from Switzerland and nearby regions.

Bois-Guyot Trail (yellow) : 1.2 km
Along this trail, a shelter and a picnic area are at your disposal. From here, you will enjoy a view of the Alps, the Dents du Midi, the Tour Sallière and Mont Ruan. Below, a collection of more than 200 species of rosehips from all over the northern hemisphere. You will also discover about a hundred pines of different species.

The Bois sauvage path (green) : 1.4 km
This path follows along the Japanese Forest path and turns off to cross into the zone classified as the island of Senescence which
continues upwards to the Marais de pente. This pathway is punctuated with posts which will enable you to discover a forest where nature reasserts itself.

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