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Tour de Romandie féminin 2023 Nyon

Tour de Romandie féminin

On 8 September 2024, Morges hosts the start and finish of the final stage of the Women's Tour de Romandie.

The event is being organised jointly by Morges Région Tourisme and the town of Morges. To mark the occasion, the first Morges Sports Festival will take place between the Parc des Sports and the banks of Lake Geneva, by way of the municipal swimming pool.
The final stage (start and finish) of the Tour de Romandie Féminin 2024 takes place on Sunday, September 8, 2024, in Morges. This day represents more than just a sporting event; it is a true celebration of women's sports, especially cycling.

The Tour de Romandie Féminin 2024 in Morges will take place two weeks before the Road Cycling World Championships in Zurich. This day promises to be an unforgettable experience that combines toplevel sports and the honoring of female sporting excellence.

Stay tuned for more information on the schedule of this day, which will be communicated in due time.

We promise you an exciting sports experience that will inspire both cycling enthusiasts and the residents of Morges and its region.
Winner TDRF Nyon 2023

Supporting Dinner

Dear friends of sport in general and cycling in particular,
We'd like to invite you to take part in the supporting dinner we'll be organizing on Friday June 14, 2024, starting at 11:30 a.m. at the Praillon multi-purpose hall in Yens. We're looking forward to a lively and festive day of sport for all. A great day of regional collaboration in support of Morges and our region's sporting community.
You'll find more information on the flyer on the right, and you can register by clicking on this link
We look forward to seeing you at the supporting diner organized by the local committee to welcome the final stage of the Tour de Romandie Féminin 2024.
Tour de Romandie féminin Nyon

The Tour de Romandie in a nutshell

➢ A UCI Women's WorldTour stage race featuring the world's best cycling teams and nearly all prominent figures in the sport (around 100 female riders) participating over three days.

➢ A total budget of approximately 2.5 million per year.

➢ Over 2,500 overnight stays in total.

➢ A team of 2-3 staff members, 30 team leaders, and 400 volunteers.

➢ 185 motorcyclists, including 25 motorcycle escorts and 160 traffic motorcycle riders.

➢ Accreditation of 300 vehicles.

➢ Around 30 vehicles forming the promotional convoy.

➢ 10 to 12 hours of TV coverage on the SRG SSR channels during the three days of the Tour.

➢ Representatives from 40 media outlets across Europe as well as correspondents from Australian, North American, and South American media.

➢ Over 280,000 users on the website, more than 100,000 visited pages, over 20,000 Facebook subscribers, and over 22,300 Twitter followers.

➢ International broadcast of the Tour.
Tour de Romandie féminin Nyon

Our local partners and sponsors

We would like to thank our local sponsors, whose invaluable support makes it possible to host the Tour de Romandie Women's event. Their contribution is essential for the success of this exceptional event.



There are various ways of becoming a partner of the tour.
Find out more about sponsorship here!
  • L'Échappée Royale
Bandeau Sponsors TDRF - L'Echappée royale
  • Le Sprint
  • L'Ascension
Bandeau Sponsors TDRF - L'Ascension
  • La Descente Epique
Bandeau sponsors Descente Epique TDRF

Institutional partners:


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Tour de Romandie féminin Nyon

Press & Media

Find the press releases in this section.

Press release from 18 September 2023

Stefanie Harris

Press manager

Morges Région Tourisme 021 803 21 68

Patrick Le Fort

Press manager

Town of Morges

patrick.lefort@morges.ch021 804 96 92
Tour de Romandie
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Organizational Committee

The Tour de Romandie Féminin is part of the Tour de Romandie Foundation, with Chassot Concept SA responsible for organizing the event.

For the arrival in Morges, the local organizing committee consists of:

President: Laetitia Morandi (VdM- BAT) -
Vice President: Yves-Etienne Kahn (MRT) - 
Secretary/Administration: Claire Martinet (VdM-BAT) -
Safety, Police, and Security Manager: Jean-Luc Berney -
Finance: Jacqueline Ritzmann (MRT) –
Construction and Logistics: Olivier Bohren (VdM-BAT)
Communication/Press: Patrick Le Fort (VdM- ADM) + Stefanie Harris (MRT) /
Animation: Emilie Jaccard (VdM-BAT) + Alexia Meylan (MRT) /
Sponsorship:  Roger Comtesse -
Sustainable Development: Eric Hostettler (VdM-INF) –
Support Lunch: Laetitia Morandi (VdM-BAT) with Chantal Chambaz (Vins de Morges) - /
Volunteers: Claire Martinet (VDM-Sport) -