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Announcing events

Touristic events can be announced on the Morges Région Tourisme website using the form below.

Morges Region Tourisme's mission is to promote the tourism offer, of which events are an integral part. 

Criteria for posting an event on the Morges Region Tourisme website:
  • Tourism-related events (attract visitors and can generate overnight stays in the region)
  • Events organised by our partner-members (museums, castles, flower shows, parks, galleries, etc.)
  • Events in the Morges district only
Morges Région Tourisme reserves the right to refuse or adapt any event to its editorial charter. 

The search for volunteer, information sessions, support meals or any other events aimed primarily at the local population are not published on this website. If you have any doubts, please contact us. 

You can find the town of Morges' calendar of events here

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