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Quai des Dahlias
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Dahlia Festival

We would like to thank you for your support during the sale of tuberous roots for the 2023 Dahlia Festival. Without your help, we would not have been able to achieve all that we have. 
We look forward to seeing you at the Fête de la Tulipe on 29 March!

The theme of the 2024 Dahlia Festival will be "Countries of the World".

Every year, from July to the end of October, the quays of Morges bloom during the Dahlia Festival. Since 1996, more than 2,200 flowers and about 100 varieties of dahlias embellish 1km of quays. It was an exhibition-sale: you could visit our sales site in partnership with SamenMauser. www.flowerbulbs.ch to order your favourite tubers (delivery in spring 2024); or you could buy the Morges tubers of your choice on 4 and 5 November 2023.
This magnificent festival is organised by the Morges Fleur du Léman association, which also organises the Tulip Festivalevery year from April to mid-May.

The new programme for the Dahlia Festival 2024 will arrive a few weeks before the Festival.
We look forward to seeing you at the Tulip Festival on 29 March 2024.
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Jaques Valotton dit Valott

The Association Morges Fleur du Léman would like to thank its sponsors for their support for this new 2024 edition, without which it would not be possible.
Sponsors FDD 2024

Morges Fleur du Léman


1110 Morges

info@fetedelatulipe.ch+41 (0)21 801 32 33
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See you next year for the Dahlia Festival

A huge THANK YOU to all of you for your presence and support at our annual sale!

The Dahlia Festival is over for this year 2023. We look forward to seeing you again next year, from July to October 2024, to admire the Dahlias.

However, we look forward to welcoming you to the Tulip Festival on 29 March 2024. 

It is not yet possible to order tuberous roots from www.flowerbulbs.ch, but you can buy tulip bulbs from April onwards.

The next sale of tuberous roots will take place on 2 November 2024.

Dahlia Festival


Boutique FTU FDD
All the products are on sale :
  • at the House of tourism in Morges
Quai des dahlias
© Raphaël Dupertuis

Support the Festival

Morges Fleur du Léman is an association of volunteers that organises the Tulip Festival from the end of March to May and the Dahlia Festival from July to October each year. 
In order to continue to organise these two flower shows, the Association needs your help in various ways.

Member of the association

For an annual subscription of CHF 30.00, you can become a member of the Association Morges Fleur du Léman (or CHF 50.- per couple). In return, you'll receive 10% off souvenirs at the Tulip Festival and 1 voucher for 4 tubers at the Dahlia Festival. You can register by email.


We are still looking for sponsors for our next editions. As a sponsor, the non-profit association Morges Fleur du Léman offers a wide range of services. You can write us an email for more information.


You can also make a donation to the association using the QR-code below or the following details
IBAN: CH13 0076 7000 E509 5749 2, Morges Fleur du Léman, CP 154, 1110 Morges.
Please indicate when making your payment: Donation


The association still needs hands to welcome the public during the animations, information at the chalet-boutique, sale of souvenirs, information and collection of catalogues.
Maintenance of the dahlias every Wednesday from July to October, meeting at 8.30am directly at the chalet in the Blancherie.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email if you are interested. Your help is welcome!
Quai des Dahlias
© Raphael Dupertuis

History of the Festival

Since 1996, the quays of Morges, between the Temple and the Parc de Vertou, have been blooming with thousands of Dahlias

The tuberous roots are bought by the association, the city employees plant them, then the volunteers take care of the maintenance of the beds.

Provenance of the Dahlia
The Dahlia originated in Mexico and Central America where it was called Acocotli and Chichipatli. It was named after André Dahl, a Swedish botanist who lived from 1751 to 1789 and to whom the plant was dedicated.
Abbot Cavanilles was the first to receive this type of plant in Europe in 1788 in Madrid. After some time, he sent some specimens to the Jardin des plantes in Paris.
The interest that this plant aroused was initially culinary, as it was thought to be used as a substitute for potatoes. It soon became clear that the tubers were too pungent to be eaten.
The breeds as well as the innumerable varieties that we can admire in the gardens are derived from Dahlias coccinea, merki and variabilis.
In Morges, the public has the pleasure of being able to contemplate 73 varieties of all heights, shapes and colours.

Arrived in Morges
It was in 1996 that the Morges florist Ernest Lüthi decided to bring together various partners and launch the idea of an exhibition of dahlias on the Quai Igor Stravinsky. Since then, this event has attracted both professionals who can come and discover the technical aspects of the different varieties and the general public who can come and admire their beauty.

Planting of the Dahlia
The tuberous roots are planted in the ground from mid-April and the plants are planted from the end of May. As soon as the plants are planted, care should be taken to pinch them, remove dead flowers and tie them up. Routine care such as spraying, weeding and watering should be given special attention.