Bord lac Morges MRT

Le Sentier des Huguenots

A crossing of the canton of Vaud along the historic path of the Huguenots, forced to flee their country under the pressure of the war of religions during the 16th century.


In 1685, an era of persecution began after the King of France, Louis XIV, revoked the Edict of Nantes. Two hundred thousand Huguenots sought refuge in the Protestant lands of Europe and around the world. Many left the Dauphiné in France, where the revocation was well enforced, and headed towards Geneva and then Germany, where they were welcomed and could start new colonies. The people from the Piedmont valleys (where the revocation was respected) exiled themselves as well and followed the same path.

This 1,600 km international trail ( "Sur les Pas des Huguenots" ) follows the historical path taken during this exile. Starting in Poet Laval, in the Drôme department in France, this trail crosses Geneva, Switzerland, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse in Germany, going all the way to Bad Karlshafen.
The German section of the trail leads near numerous Huguenot settlements. The trail "Via Valdesi", which comes out of the Piedmont valleys, joins the path taken by the Huguenots near the Swiss border.

In addition to being an interesting and educational trail that offers a glimpse of the Protestants' cultural heritage (through short thematic holidays, daily visits, and free or guided tours), this trail also tries to support the local economies.

While the project, "Sur les Pas des Huguenots", is based on the major historical event that is the exile of thousands of French Huguenots to Switzerland and Germany due to religious intolerance, it also focuses on both modern times and the future.
This focus on historical and contemporary events hopes to develop the awareness of people around the world on the important issues of religious intolerance and exile, which are still relevant to this day.

The route crosses Switzerland from Geneva to Schaffhausen and is called "In the footsteps of the Huguenots and Vaudois of Piedmont".
Four days is the time it takes to walk the 76 km of the Huguenot Trail in the Vaud region.
From Morges, where the refugees landed, the path leads into the countryside along the streams to reach the shores of Lake Neuchâtel in Yverdon-les-Bains. A stop in the hollow of the hills and we admire the Romanesque style of the abbey church of Romainmôtier.


Nyon Hostel
Youth Hostel
Ch. des Plantaz 47 - 1260 Nyon

Maison de la Rivière
Ch. du Boiron 2 - 1131 Tolochenaz

Gîte de la Venoge
Rue du village - 1304 Dizy

Gîte Hermitage
Rue du bourg 9 - 1323 Romainmôtier
079/535.88.04 - 079/359.09.21

Chambres d'hôte, chez Caroline Kohler
Rue du collège 12 - 1400 Yverdon-les-bains

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Difference in height
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